To order Tim's books and audio

The Lyrics to the Nightingale's Song, Almost Memories, Seige and Kyrie are published by Revival Press (

Peterloo Poets have ceased publising, Don Marcelino's Daughter and Unequal Thirds are available directly from the author. (Email

They are also available in bookshops (including O'Mahoney's Bookshop, O'Connell Street, Limerick) and through Amazon.

Audio via the Poetry Library, South Bank Centre, London:

Digital library website:

(from Borderlines. Issue 23) - 'Asking David'

Reading and digital website (from Magma. Issue 34)


Audio Cassette: Positive Ageing in Prose and Poetry: 'Bequest'

C.D. Touchable Dreams: 'Quartet'

DVD British Council Seminars: Literature and Poetry also features 'Quartet'