Unequal Thirds


'There are some superb poems in Tim Cunningham'sUnequal Thirds - clear, well crafted, self-contained and making a point. Take "Wheelwright"... There are numerous examples: "Gardener", "Fresco", "Shapings", "A Quiet Apocolypse" and "Camping Out" to name a few...' Belinda Cooke, Acumen

'I was at the heart of the matter. The collection suddenly takes off, and the poet of good endings becomes a poet you can't put down... his poems quietly cover a lot of ground. He writes tenderly about the human condition: his consistently generous attitude to experience is not sentimental, just refreshingly positive. Unequal Thirds has the wisdom of a grown-up poet - without any of the callow pretentions of the young, it has all of youth's enthusiam.' R.V. Bailey, Envoi