Don Marcelino's Daughter


'The same sort of affirming yet quietly moving quality obtains throughout this volume.... Don Marcelino's Daughter contains pieces that are observantly compassionate (winos on the Circle Line riding out their "vicious circle"), sympathetically sensitive to bereavement ("Pentecosts") and even portentious ("Posy"), where the reader continues to be assailed by the poem's acidulated precipitations (long after a first perusal).... late debuts have their virtue.' Peter Reading, Times Literary Supplement

'Tim Cunningham is at his best rewriting myths and parables, suggesting a civilisation at the end of its creative archetypes... He's also at his best when his quirky imagination takes off from the documentation of actuality.... I liked these, often shorter poems, and the book adds up to a good sense of the co-existence of past and present.' Herbert Lomas, Ambit

'... book belongs on library shelves in secondary schools. It's benedictions will fall where they may.'Colin Walter, School Librarian

'Tim Cunningham is one of those Irishmen who can move easily from wit to feeling... while wit, satire and irony demand a due authorial distancing to be effective, a greater tact still is needed to convey movingly that which you feel emotionally about. In two poems that centre on the poet's father, "The Corbally Plot" and, especially, "Hallowe'en", human warmth is liberated:

My father's absence was always there
At Christmas, birthdays and hallowe'en
... how would Leonardo paint
A candle hurting for its flame?'
William Oxley, Orbis